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Thank you for visiting our Global Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Center (GSRAC) website.

Stem cell & regenerative medicine, a major pillar of advanced therapies, are considered as ultimate options to treat chronic
or currently incurable diseases. Also, stem cell & regenerative medicine technologies are regarded as a key growth driver of
the healthcare industry and as a solution to soaring medical expenses that are burdening the national economy.

Korea is at the heart of Asia, the most rapidly growing market in the world, and is leading the global regenerative medicine
market. The global regenerative medicine market, which was valued at 1 billion USD in 2012, is expected to reach 10 billion
USD by 2020.

Although aggressive investment and active R&D are currently taking place in order to utilize stem cell & regenerative medicine
as a medical solution, there still remain many technological and commercial obstacles prior to clinical application and
commercialization of these innovative technologies.

Our center aims to accelerate commercialization of stem cell & regenerative medicine technologies so that we can efficiently
deliver these novel technologies and therapeutics to patients suffering from incurable diseases. GSRAC, a strategic action tank,
will put the knowledge of international stem cell & regenerative medicine communities into practice with a view to transform
scientific and technological innovations into medical solutions.

Your continued interest and advice would be very much appreciated.

Director So Ra Park

Global Stem Cell &Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Center (GSRAC)

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