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To establish network connections and partnerships to make both cooperation and competition act together

By doing so, to acquire global leadership in stem cell & regenerative medicine through continuous creation of R&D
output and commercialization acceleration


International conferences

We support the growth in stem cell & regenerative medicine field through landmark conferences in which policies and/or
regulations for commercialization acceleration could be discussed.

We support and establish the international collaborative research projects by gathering a network of opinion leaders from
the private and public sectors around the world to transform ideas into action and ensure global competitiveness

Business forums, Clinical research forums and KOL meetings

We propose successful business development model on the basis of previous collaboration strategies used in the
regenerative medicine enterprises worldwide.

We encourage companies for participation and investment, and accelerate the commercialization of stem cell &
regenerative medicine.

Establishment of Global network and management of International Advisory Board

We promote the outstanding R&D outputs of Korean researchers in international conferences, and hold conferences and
symposiums at home and abroad.

We encourage collaboration among stem cell & regenerative medicine researchers and industries, and try to form a global
network among them.

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