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To support planning and strategy establishment for globally competitive R&D and its implementation

To encourage researchers to participate in competitive R&D projects by providing the latest information and a thorough
overview of stem cell & regenerative medicine sector


GSRAC Trend Analysis/Strategic Reports

We publish various trend analysis/strategic reports after analyzing the current status of patents, publications, technologies,
industry and clinical trials in stem cell & regenerative medicine worldwide.

Weekly Newsletters: e-Brief

We offer the latest information on worldwide R&D, clinical trials, industry and regulatory policies to various stakeholders,
including researchers and industries.

We provide in-depth information on R&D, patents and industries in stem cell & regenerative medicine by publishing feature

We continuously update the latest information on domestic and foreign reports and GSRAC activities.

Up-to-date information through GSRAC website

We regularly update GSRAC publications (including GSRAC Trend Analysis/Strategic Reports and e-Brief newsletters) as well
as other expert materials.

We continuously update and optimize the website layout and contents.

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